IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA ...Fulfilling Dreams Of Immigrants!


We just launched a new housing program to END homelessness for immigrants in America. When immigrants arrive The United States of America in pursuit of their dreams, most of them don't have family or friends here, or anybody that will accommodate them; and so they spend the little money they have staying in cheap hotels or dirty motels. Then once their money is exhausted, they become homeless. This is very sad and heartbreaking, and that is why IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA has now brought the solution to this problem by offering housing to immigrants pursuing their dreams in major cities in America.

In major cities like Los Angles, New York City, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc, housing are very expensive and almost impossible for new immigrants to get because of their lack of funds and their inability to work and make money until they've obtained work-permit; and also because of their inability to get any apartment due to their residency status. But IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA is now offering accommodations/housing to all immigrants from all over the world pursuing their dreams in America. They will be allowed to stay in comfortable and well-furnished apartments for just a very small fee until they are able to get their resident permits, get good jobs, get their own apartments, and start life happily on their own.

All interested  applicants should send email to and request for the application form. Once you pass the screening process and background check, a contractual agreement will be signed between you and IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA and afterwards you can move in immediately.

If you're not yet in the USA, but you already have your U.S visa and arrival date, you can also apply, and once you arrive we will pick you up from the airport and drive you straight to your apartment where you will stay comfortably for the duration of our contractual agreement, or as the case may be.

We will also offer FREE advise and counseling to all immigrants on how to survive and make it in America. We will guide them, nurture them, and help them navigate through the American system successfully until they no longer need to depend on us to survive.


Our goal has always been, and will always be to help immigrants fulfill their dreams!