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IMIGRANT — Founder & President

IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA was established to help immigrants from all over the world achieve their dreams.
Cyril Obazuaye, also known as Imigrant is the current CEO and president of IMIGRANT RECORDS - - an independent record label in Hollywood, Los Angeles owned by IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA which is a registered trademark in the United States of America. But many years ago as a child in Nigeria, West Africa, Imigrant had a dream and he decided to come to the United States of America to pursue that dream, but for over ten years, America refused to give him a visa. He tried over and over again, but they kept denying his visa applications.
Then in April 2013, He went back again to the US embassy and a US consular officer took his passport, typed in his name on the computer, looked at him, shook his head, and then said to him "Mr. Cyril our records shows that you've been applying for U.S visa for over ten years now, and yet you've refused to give up. Today I will give you a visa my friend, and I hope America meets your expectations." Imigrant thanked him and left happily with his visa, though he instantly felt emotional shivers rushing down his spine.
Imigrant finally came to The United States of America and began the second phase of his journey in the pursuit of his dream and happiness. But he went through overwhelming challenges and inexplicable tough times, and ended up becoming homeless in the streets of Los Angeles, Houston, and New York City. But despite his ordeal, he didn't relent in the pursuit of his dreams, and he didn't allow the overwhelming challenges deter him from fulfilling his dreams and the promise he made to himself and his family before he left Africa. He started recording his songs, and the lyrical contents were basically about his experiences, his struggles, the rejections, and everything he was going through. This is why immigrants from all walks of life can resonate and relate to what he does musically, and what he represents artistically.

Imigrant is very successful right now, and he would always say "I am so happy and grateful for all my accomplishments at this point in my life because I was once homeless. I am most grateful to God for His numerous blessings, and I'm also grateful to my family for their relentless support and unconditional love over the years. I also hope that one day I'm able to meet the U.S consular officer who finally approved my visa,  to thank him and tell him that America has truly met and surpassed my expectations in so many ways," he added.

Imigrant's debut singles (1) "American Dream" and (2) "I made It In America" are now being played and distributed all over the United States, and around the world. His debut studio album titled "Dreams Of An Immigrant" will be released soon. He has also written over 800 songs, and 7 motivational books which will be published soon. He also writes daily blog encouraging and motivating dreamers all over the world to pursue and achieve their dreams.
Imigrant's favorite advise to people is "NEVER EVER give up your dreams, because there is enough space in the sky for your own star to shine".
Imigrant has written over 800 songs, and has also written 7 unpublished books which he plans to publish soon in other to encourage and help others fulfill their destiny.

Imigrant;s favorite advise to people is
"NEVER EVER give up until you achieve your dreams because there is enough space in the sky for your own star to shine!!!".