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2016 Seminar

IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA is happy to announce that our 2016 seminar titled "DREAMS OF IMMIGRANTS INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 2" (DIIS2) has been scheduled to hold in New York City on the 29th of November 2016.

This seminar is exclusively for Immigrants in the United States and those all over the world who are still trying to come to America in pursuit of their dreams. The sole purpose of this seminar is to educate, motivate, encourage, inspire, support and help immigrants achieve their dreams. We can guarantee that lives will forever be changed after this seminar.
All interested applicants all over the world that wants to attend this seminar should contact Mellisa White at

There is a limited number of applicants that will be accepted, and once that number is reached, applications will be closed.
If your application is accepted and you're outside the United States of America, IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA will send you an Invitation letter plus other supporting documents to enable you obtain a visa from the U.S embassy in your home country so that you can attend the seminar.
Music & movie industry professionals and executives in The United States of America will be speaking at this seminar. The names of the speakers will be announced once the application closes. They will include entertainment industry professionals and executives, producers, A&R reps., musicians, actors, music attorneys, promoters, marketers, & publicists. Other guest speakers will include some celebrities and superstars who will also be in attendance.
During the seminar, Everyone will meet and network with the speakers and other immigrants in America and those from other parts of the world. You will also be able to exchange contact information with everyone at the seminar, and you will take pictures with the stars, submit your music, or other samples of your work to the professionals and executives in the entertainment industry in America. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and receive professional answers instantly.
The names of our corporate sponsors and partners will also be announced once the partnering and sponsorship negotiations are completed.
So if you're a musician, an actor or actress, a dancer, a model, or you have any other artistic talent, skill or ability, then this is your chance and a once in a life time opportunity to make your dreams come true. Send email to right now to grab your seat before its sold out.

(1) This seminar is exclusively for immigrants in America and for those still trying to come to America in pursuit of their dreams.

(2) You must be 18 years old or older to apply. If you're below 18 years old, then you must be accompanied by an adult.

(3) This seminar will be held in New York City, USA on November 29th 2016.

(4) There is a limited number of applications we can accept, and once we reach that number, we will stop accepting applications for this seminar. So if you're serious about attending this 2016 seminar, grab your seat now before it's taken so that you won't be disappointed.

(5) If you're already in The United States of America, then you'll only pay the registration fee of $100 only to attend this seminar.

(6) If you're outside the United States, then you'll pay the registration fee of $100 for the seminar plus another $155 for us to send you a letter of invitation and other supporting documents that will enable you obtain a U.S visa to come to America for this seminar.  (If you already have a U.S visa to come to America, then you don't need to pay the extra $155)

(7) The invitation letter and supporting documents that IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA will send to you does not guarantee that the U.S embassy will approve your visa. The approval or disapproval of your visa application depends solely on the interviewing consular officer at the U.S embassy in your home country during your visa interview. All we can do is send you the letter of invitation and other necessary documents which will make it easier for you to obtain a visa.

(8) There is no refund of payment if you fail to attend the seminar due to your inability to obtain a visa, or for any other reason. This is because once your payment is received, your seat will be reserved for you and can not be changed, canceled, or transferred to another person.

(9) Since this seminar will be held in November this year, and the applications will be closed very soon, we strongly advise anyone outside the United States of America that wants to attend this seminar to begin the process of obtaining a visa now. The earlier you start the process, the better.

(10) IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA reserves the right to accept or reject application from anyone we don't want at the seminar.

(11) In life, there are always unforeseen circumstances, and therefore IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA reserves the right to postpone the date or change the location of the seminar with or without prior notice to anyone. IMIGRANT MUSIC INC.® USA also reserves the right to cancel the seminar at any time, but in the rare case of cancellation, a complete refund of all payments will be made to everyone.

If you're interested to attend this seminar, then send the following to us ASAP:

(A) Your full names (Exactly as it is on your instrument of identification which you will present at the entrance gate of the seminar. Example: Driver's license, international passport, or national ID card).

(B) Your country of origin and your current location.

(C) Your full address.

(D) Your mobile phone number.

(E) The data page of your international passport (For applicants outside the U.S. only. We need this to issue the invitation letter and other documents you will need to obtain a visa).

(F) $100 application fee for the seminar (For everyone).

(G) $155 to issue and send the invitation letter (Only for applicants outside the U.S. Who needs to obtain a visa to be able to attend the seminar).

(H) Your artistic talent (Occupation).

(I) Your date of birth (DOB).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us, and we will satisfactorily answer all your questions.

If you are outside the United States and you need extra help with your visa application, we can refer you to experienced immigration attorneys here in the U.S who are readily available to help you throughout the whole visa application process.

If you don't go after your dreams, then what is your life about? Pursue your dreams and make yourself and your family proud.

We wish you nothing but success in this new year and always, and we hope your dreams come true!